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Apple Fanta June 12, 2005

Posted by Q in General.

Talk about feenin taste buds, I have been searching for some Apple Fanta for nearly 3 years as the only city that has it is Houston, which is where I last drank some back in the summer of 02. Foudn some at the gas station across the street from where I work. I bought a 2 liter at that!! Everyone at work is looking at me funny for drinking straight out of the 2 liter bottle. Who cares, this is some good stuff!! Figure I would share my discovery of the day to my usual readers. How many people are reading this anyway???



1. Anonymous - June 13, 2005

Apple Fanta sounds fantastic! I remember when I was a little girl they had a drink called Aspen and it was apple flavor, loved the stuff!

2. TeeSharice - July 18, 2005

ya KNOW I gotta read & check up on ya….

3. DJ - February 11, 2007


4. Fanta, Apple - April 5, 2007

Fot Worth Texas lover of the fanta apple; store stopped carrying it! 😦

Looking for new source, please help!

5. DP - April 18, 2007

Oh my gosh, this pop is the bomb. I’m not a apple person but really enjoy that. I was just in Georgia and they carry it. I was in Covington to be specific. I live in Michigan and can’t find it anywhere. If anyone reads this and knows anywhere in Michigan to find it PLEASE let me know…Thanks

6. LMF - July 3, 2007

At least some of you have found it in the States. I last saw it in Russia, and that’s been over 5 years ago — and at that point I had never seen ANY Fanta in the US, much less apple fanta. I think I’m going to have to plan a special trip to Covington or Houston and see what I can find.

7. Megan - July 6, 2007

Anyone know a place near Tallahassee, FL where I can find some? They “introduced” it here in the personal bottles and I fell in love! A month or so later, I can’t find it anywhere. Help!!

8. irene - July 18, 2007

oh goodnesssss im on the same hunt! i want some apple fanta!! or any apple coke product for that matter. i went to the world of cocacola in atlanta and in their tasting room i tried some of their apple pop i dont remember what it was called and it was AMAZING!! the next day i bought some apple fanta cans from kroger and they tasted exactly the same.. now that im back in michigan i cant find any =( it was my favorite kind of pop BY FARRRRR

9. Hannah - January 15, 2008

I first encountered apple Fanta in St. Petersburg, Russia about 8 years ago. It was pretty popular there. Fell in love with it, especially the european way…very cold in a glass with no ice. Yum. Kinda been on the hunt for it since then. Never had it here. I think I’m gonna try to get our neighborhood beverage emporium to try to start carrying it.

10. hmblake - June 9, 2009

I too am on the same hunt, I live in Clearwater, Florida and about 6 months ago you could find it a couple of stores. Now all of a sudden I can’t find it anywhere. I had the manager at one of the stores as the Coca Cola driver for it and he said that he couldn’t get it.. Ughhh! This stuff is so addicting they must have something in it to hook you and them take it away … what a conspiracy lol!!!

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