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My credit progress December 11, 2005

Posted by Q in Credit Related.

My last post on my credit repair progress is HERE, a little over 6 months ago. Since then, I’ve pulled my scores on MyFICO and here is the progress:

Equifax: 643
Experian: 611

Not a bad gain, mainly on Equifax. A 50 point jump! Can’t explain Experian except they are a special case. But I am going to blame it on Merrick Bank. They continue, to this day, on updating that pesky tradeline. O well, its their purse that I’m going to steal. *shrugs*

Also in this post, I was all excited about being approved for my first Amex. Hell I’m still excited about that. It felt like a turning point in my life! Then I took another right turn and put it on ice, since I can care less about that card. Reason?? BLUE BABY!! Since then, I have aquired a new Delta Amex and Amex Blue. I am still indecisive about getting the Clear and Hilton Cards. These will soley be for consolidating. Well, Clear and Blue I’ll be keeping, and the other three consolidated into them. Next year, I am sure I won’t have a desire for cards with annual fees. Worked two months to develop a budget from HELL and annual fees didn’t compute at that time. Ditching my secured National City card is in the plan as well.

I’ve tried my luck at CCs that pull Equifax, but I still cannot get approved for anything. Currently they are reporting a tradeline with a $0 balance that is 60 – 90 days late. Denied by Citi once back in October. Disputed with Equifax that its impossible to be late on a payment with a $0 balance and they updated it, but it just remained the same. I then immediately applied for USAA and Citi (yes again) and was denied for both. Suckers. 2006 will be a good year to sue them. Like I am always told on the boards. Give them enough rope, and they will set theirselves up to break me some bread *grin*

Thats all on that aspect, except that my credit mission was pushed to the side as well in the last two months. Time to get on the ball again and wrap this up. My deadline is June 16 (3 years of credit repair work) to have this completed.




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