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Sprint PCS phone buy back offer. July 31, 2006

Posted by Q in Rants!, Smart Money Moves.

I wasn’t going to say anything about this as I have gotten this offer multiple times.  Reason being is, well there was nothing to write about since I never bothered reading any of the little words.  But I was bored this weekend when I grabbed the mail and read the offer.  Below are the nuts and bolts:

Sprint Phone:        Sanyo SCP-5500

Buy Back Amount: $35.00* (notice the star??  It wasn’t my idea, but it got my attention this time)

Expiration Date:    NOW as they are not getting my phone!

Amount I paid:    Not much more that $35 brand new

Fine Print:    “* The Sprint PCS Phone requested above must power on when fully charged and must not have any visible signs of internal or non-cosmetic damage to qualify for the buyback offer.  Phones that do not qualify for the buyback offer will not be returned to sender.

Tsk, tsk, tsk at Sprint.  I don’t know about you all, but my phone always gets dropped at least twice while I own it and does have some drop damage to it.  Still acceptable to Sprint.  But, what gets me is that they will not be returning my phone if it does not qualify for payment.  Too risky for me.  If they are that picky they should just set up a shop in all the multitude of PCS stores and we can stop in, get a yay or nay and still keep the phone if its rejected.

I will keep my phone as its way more valuable to me than it is to Sprint/Nextel.



1. Dorcas - August 5, 2006

I have a comment about Sprint in general. I have been their customer for 4 years and now with the new school year starting 2006-2007 I want my 7th grader to have a new cell phone so we can communicate better as last year we missed each other a few times. So I called Sprint to get my 12 year old son a new cell phone as a 4 year customer, Sprint rep. told me I would have to pay for his new phone cash out of my pocket and sign a new 2 year contract, plus pay $20 a month extra our average bill is already about $126.00 with only 500 shared any time minutes with just me and my husband but I said ok. Then I asked if I am going to sign a NEW 2 year contract could me and my husband get new FREE phones as our phone are the original FREE phones from 4 years ago. She loudly said “NO” if you want new phones you will have to pay for them. I said if I am sign a contract I will get something won’t I? She rudely and loudly said “NO” you just get to add your son for $20 extra a month. I start think we are already paying $126.00 with him on it that would be $146.00 plus fees per month. Right now with gas prices we are spending $400 a month on gas alone. I was feeling pretty sad, like I wasn’t going to be able to get my son what all his friends have a cell phone.

I searched the web and found T-Mobile has FREE picture and video phones the Samsung t309 FREE and accessory pack that has a car charger, holder with 700 shared anytime minutes for $59.95 with only $10 for my son a month and only a 1 year contract. With 3 new FREE picture and video phones, my house is buzzing. These are the coolest phones we have ever had, because we always get the FREE phone they offer with a contract and that means the cheap crappy phones. My husband said “I am so glad Sprint acted up, because this is a great phone that will save us money”. I say thank you Sprint for having such rude and mean spirited customer service reps. Instead of paying $146.00 a month we will be paying $69.95 and great phones.

2. Q - August 8, 2006

Sprints isn’t that bad. During my 5 years with them, I can’t say I’ve gotten a CSR with a bad attitude. They may be screwups or clueless, but never an attitude. However I used to work at Sprint and went to the floor for PCS customer service, and believe me they were not the most professional people in the building. I am not sure how they are since they outsource to another company though.

But I am sorry to hear of your dillemma. But if you are happy now, then thats what matters most.

3. Single Ma - August 10, 2006

Wassup African! Umm, it’s August 10th. Can we get a post update puh-leeze. I know you have some shannigans brewing on the membrane. LOL

4. Q - August 11, 2006

I need to fix my publisher daemon on my server. I have too many posts just sitting in the hopper, but not publishing to wordpress. I just manually added one tonight, but the rest should slowly push out by tomorrow afternoon. My bad for the disappointment!! 🙂

5. Megan - December 8, 2007

Don’t even get me started on Sprint! I’ve been with them for 7 years and always am told one thing and then find another show up on the bill and the thing that always gets me riled up is they changed my billing address four times without asking me. They even switched it once to an address I NEVER gave them. When I called to ask how they got this information, every person I talked to about it was rude. What can you do when you’re under a contract? Then when I call to cancel when my contract runs out, they offer me an amazing deal and I can’t say no! I can’t wait until I make more money and I can say bye bye to sprint for good!

6. tradingdirect - June 29, 2013

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7. nước mắm an toàn - May 18, 2018

nước mắm an toàn

Sprint PCS phone buy back offer. | Digital Stylez

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