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Delta Community Credit Union January 5, 2009

Posted by Q in Credit Related.

We all are, well most of us with personal credit, are familiar with the current trend in banks and credit.  Either you have experience a credit line decrease or a massive interest rate hike.  Or even worse both, which is what happened with me.

In my response to the BS the banks are playing, I am diversing my credit holdings with credit unions.  Late last year I joined Delta Community Credit Union, not on the intention of obtaining credit anytime soon, but to obtain a membership and later on figure out how to use them to my advantage.  While I was enrolling, me and the new accounts rep were chit chatting away about banks with no money have how they have plenty of money to lend due to most people preferring the easy route of lax underwriting standards and choose the banks.   Since I’ve never obtained credit from a credit union, and my only experience of complicated lending was my mortgage.  So I pulled the trigger and gave them a shot.

Yes credit unions are complicated.  Rather than a 30 second approval or denial, which is what I am used to, it took nearly a week!  Needed to explain every single negative tradeline left on my report, regardless of age.  Needless to say I was approved for 20K.

Another neat thing about this credit union is they print cards right in the branch!  Another plus is they always seem to have eye candy too.  Used multiple branches with no let downs.

I  recommend this credit union!



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