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Technology, Technology, is there ever enough?? January 12, 2009

Posted by Q in General.

Anyone that knows me personally can attest the fact I have over done myself technology wise.  And I don’t mean with little expensive gadgets (I smoke and thats a bad and expensive enough vise to have);  all my technology is built and configured and/or written by me.  One of my main attractions is my Media Center, which I have mentioned at least one time in this blog.  Actually most of my guests think its the ish!   Well at least until they see the series of machines driving the operation of it.  Then I am instantly a nerd.  O well, at least I am a nerd thats very easy on the eyes.  Nice bonus if I say so.

Anywho, over the past 5 years I started with nothing and built this monster of technology running my home and nothing sofisticated or beneficial is running on it, except the contacts in my cell phone and home phones are in constant sync, thanks to Asterisk and Cisco VoIP phones.

Recently I had a group of 3 ladies stop through after they left the club, which by the way nothing happened as 2 were married and the 3rd was an attempt to hook me up.  The unmarried one asked, “well I see all your music on your TV, what music would you play for me, if you were to set the mood?”   Ummm damn, nothing that wouldn’t require a little manual work playing the songs one by one….

Wow, this girl put me on the spot, and it wasn’t nothing I could do but hold off on getting her number til I figured that one out as playing a song one by one would turn off a potential bounce in the sack as much as playing one song at a time at a club would lead to an empty dancefloor or worst, empty club.

So after 3 days of thought and engineering (hey, the Media Center is on Microsuck and everything else is Linux) I found something, as Google was no help, period!


1.  Can’t play the same playlist everytime, so need a way to build the playlist on the fly with my laptop

2. Unfortunately as I would suspect with Microsoft, creating a playlist on the laptop, saving to the network shares and loading from the network with Media Center does not work.  Doesn’t even list it.

3. Why is Microsoft even in business??

Media Player pulls its playlists from the Playlist folder under My Music.  All I need is a way to sync that folder with the Playlist folder on the Media Network Resource.  Can’t be that hard right??

Microsoft to the rescue!  They pushed a tool for this called Sync Toy.  You can sync all the resources you want.  In my case since I will be making and modifying playlists at random times of the day, I created a scheduled task to sync the folders once an hour everyday.  That way everything is there when I need it.

So the answer to the question, yes and no.  But in my case why add new technology when I can enhance what I already have.  Especially since I upgraded from consumer grade network hardware to 100% Cisco and have more LAN bandwidth than I can possibly figure out how to consume, but I’m sure I will pull it off by year end.

Now I need to get a girl so I can test this out.  LOL!



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Technology, Technology, is there ever enough?? | Digital Stylez

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