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Dominican Republic April 19, 2009

Posted by Q in General.

After over 2 years of hiatus from going due to respect of my past relationships during that time, I am finally back.  And I can definitely admit that I’ve missed this country.  This time however I decided to be brave and venture out.  The trip started in Santo Domingo.  I decided to venture over about 20 minutes east to Boca Chica.  I laughed too when I saw the name of this city.  While there I bumped into this gorgeous lady that reminded me of Beyonce.  Body type and all.  After talking with her I got depressed as her recent events in her life weren’t so pleasant which led her to a lifestyle she knows she will never forgive herself for.  Man if I had only met her a couple months ago, she would be a keeper.

The next day I leave Boca Chica and end up in Jarabacoa where we conduct the business we came to the island to do for the better part of the day.  Afterwards we call up these two ladies which we’ve known for close to 5 years to show us around the town.  Now before I proceed with the rest of the days activities, let me add that this town is absolutely STUNNING!  Its a mountainside town with breathe taking views of everything!  Anyway, the ladies took us to this place which I cannot quite describe as it was VERY impressive.  It was karaoke night and we actively participated.  One of the ladies liked me although she had a man, which so happened to own the house which her and her family reside.  A nice house at that.  Well that didn’t sit well with me and a couple hours later we nearly hated to be around each other.  O well!  Later that night we ended up at a club and partied well into the night.  I will definitely be returning to this town!!!

Today we arrive to the final destination of Puerto Plata.  About 4 hours away from the airport which we will be departing tomorrow.  Now this place is interesting as the women here are REALLY aggressive.  I mean they see a man they want, and they stop at nothing to get him.  Particularly if its a foreign man.  We set out on the streets and women are popping out of nowhere.  We are pretty known in these parts so the ladies that know us already try their hardest to send these hungry women off and pretend we are with them but for some reason it wasn’t working.  Hell I had two women arguing over me.  My partner had one that put in 2 hours of work to get him.  She got her prize.  I was a disappointment to the kung fu fighters as I was too tired and went to the house, where I am super drunk (one of the kung fu fighters did this too me) and typing a blog entry.

Well I am off to bed, we have a 4 hour drive to the airport tomorrow and 95% of the journey will require 80 mph plus driving to make the flight back home.

Next trip down here will be pure vacation for about a week, which I hope to make it here by June.

Until next time…



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