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About Me

I’m just a young single guy in the ATL trying to better my life one day at a time.  This blog will give some insight on my journey with the main emphasis being on Personal Finances, whether it be investing, credit related, and budgeting.

To keep everything interesting for myself as well as readers, I usually put my usual rants, issues and other stories that come to mind here as well.

And the most popular question of all, what is behind the name DigitalStylez.  Well, thats complicated.  Seems more and more, my life is revolving around Digital access to nearly everything, and I seem to have a unique style about how I conduct everyday activities.

My goal is to set a GOOD foundation for my life prior to turning 30 (I have a couple years to go) so everything afterwards will be smooth sailing, rather than be one of the people that just realize they need to get things together and they are already 35.



1. fuertesrafagas - July 13, 2006

Hey. I found your blog by clicking “next” and enjoyed perusing it. Best of luck to you.

~ FR

2. Q - July 13, 2006

Thank you sir! I just read some of yours too and a few of your posts had me cracking up. Thanks for speeding up my morning!

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