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News at the current gig tomorrow AM October 29, 2008

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Was just contacted by one of my outgoing peers that I need to be on an 8:30 AM conference call tomorrow.  Judging by her tone it seemed as if she already knew what would be announced on the call.  I tried to game her out of some details however just as I nearly got her to crack I stopped her.  Since they have been having constant rounds of layoffs on Thursdays for the past several weeks I inquired if we were next.  Was told it was good news.

Good news to who?  If they gave me a promotion to match my new pay grade I would be pissed whereas she would think that be good news.

More on this later.


I got a raise! October 28, 2008

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A week ago I was informed I was getting a raise.  Talking about EXCITEMENT!  Only been 3 months and getting a raise!  Percentage wise, it was VERY Generous.  About 43% generous!  I just confirmed it today and noticed I was placed in a pay bracket which includes a promotion.  Was never told that, but I’ll take it too!

Now I need to put my financial face on and manage it wisely as we’re in tough times.

So this ends my job hunt and I will be removing resumes as last weeks debacle kinda turned me off from the job hunt anyway.

I am still trying to figure out of I ever told E-Rocka about it when I was informed last week.  Normal circumstances the girlfriend would be the first to know, but since the relationship is rapidly declining I have no idea.

Job Hunt just got depressing October 22, 2008

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Man!  This round of job searching got depressing.  Similar to my dating experiences.  But here is the story…

While I was back home in the STL last weekend I took advantage of my time off to follow up on ALOT of calls for jobs.  About a week and a half’s worth, so very busy.  Da Queen was there and was rather impressed with my skills, and mentioned she never seen that productive of a job search and also wondered how I was using my home phone from St. Louis.  LOL!!  Anyway to the story, while eating lunch a call came in from a recruiter.  I will go ahead and mention that he was with Remington International.  Very chatty guy, which had me hooked from the jump.  Mentioned some rather impressive opportunities which hooked me in.  Asked if I could make an interview the following Tuesday and of course I said yes.  Da Queen was like “Wow, you make it look so easy to get an interview!”  I was like “Yeah, that was almost too easy!”

Fast forward to Tuesday, get there 10 minutes late as the interview was scheduled after work.  No problems with that when I get there, but they were more unprepared than I was.  So I meet this guy and realize he’s not the typical recruiter type.  More like someone I would bump into working at LA Fitness.  So he takes me to his desk which is a table in a room which appears to be a boiler room.  Him along with 20 other “recruiters” with a few of them on the phones which they appear to be pitching something to people.  Who knows.  So we talk and he’s asking questions.  Initially he begins similar to a get to know you interview, however as I am talking, he repeately interrupts and is inquiring about names.  Ok, a little irrelevant to my purpose, so I am dishing out bogus names to protect the innocent as this guy is inquiring about lastnames.  So I continue…

Flash forward 10 minutes later he asks about my progress in the market.  Informed him I’ve been on a few interviews.  He inquires who the persons I have interviewed with and what companies.  Again I dish bogus names and companies that probably do not exist.  He is aggressively writing down all the information I provide.  So once we finish he returns me to their lobby while I aggressively obtain as much information out of the secretary.  Not to holla at her but relay the sign that I am on to their little gimmick which she quickly got the hint, which is great because I am rudely interrupted by another “recruiter” introducing himself.  Then another, then another, steady trying to obtain just a little bit more information out of me, which I became standoffish and provided nothing else unless they had the secretary’s number in exchange.

After all was said and done, I got a smug from the secretary, said my goodbye’s as I will never return and expected nothing from those guys.  I mean they even had the nerve to mention future opportunites with a company which did a massive layoff back in July.  Yes I really do my job market research thoroughly.

If you so happen to get a call from this agency, just hang up and keep looking for jobs.  Its a total waste of valuable time needed to find a great opportunity.

Job Hunt status October 16, 2008

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This job hunt is going rather oddly.  I noticed that the pay of jobs in my fields have dropped tremendously.  Due to that, I am not getting the offers which I am looking for.  If I was unemployed, I could see this being a fairly quick job search though.

I am slowly completing my studying of the CCNP certification, which will put me in the pay bracket I am looking for.  Also about to establish my networking resources to avoid recruiters and HR as they are proving to be about a burden as car dealer.

I hope I can find a better job opportunity by the end of the year.

Job market is going down, time to get certified. June 3, 2008

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Since I will be taking time from school for a minute to try and get another job and enjoy quality time with ChanD, I might as well get certified.  Last time I was certified I waited after I lost my job due to turbulent economic conditions.  Since I’m involved I had to run it by ChanD.  She was ok with it as expected since she hasn’t a clue about my field of work although highly interested.

So off I go to study for this thing and hopefully be done well before Birthday Bash.

Suprise from the boss! April 30, 2007

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Today was suppose to be the day I started my new shift. I came in early and was promptly sent to a meeting, which our group has on Monday afternoons, which I never come due to working 3rd shift. I also had a class at 6:30 PM. Anywho, my boss had arranged training with Novell (SUSE Linux) and picked me to take the training! Its a week in Dallas. Only problem is, I am not an employee here. Unless they plan to hire me and put me out of my misery since I cannot get a raise from my agency. Hiring season begins in May here. I might have more to look forward to in June!!!

Job Offer Reloaded April 8, 2006

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Here are the bullets of my job hunt this week:

  • Below are the final runnings in my job search, the one in bold is the position I obtained.

1     A Huge Private company's subsidiary

2    The actual Huge Private Company

3    Big Bad Public Company (the traveling job)

4  Little Private Company that was a startup in 1999

For those that have been keeping up, this is the job I thought I was least likely to get as I didn't even know anything about the position.  I did go to that interview blind.  The interview lasted an hour and when they saw I suddenly got nervous just out of the blue, they paused and asked me how I was feeling.  I simply came out with the truth that I didn't even have an idea about the job until they told me, and I was running out of ideas, and getting nervous, but wasn't going to give up on the possibilities of the interview as I REALLY wanted the job.  I think that was the act that won me the job, even though I was serious.  I was offered the job less that 24 hours after the interview.  Whew, I still can believe it as I am still catching my breathe from that interview.  Never been that nervous in my life as anyone in that room could literally see me go from calm and confident to physically stuttering and shaking but confident.  Never again will I do an interview like that again!

As for the other 3, well the travelling job, there was a delay due to the hiring manager having a family emergency.  Well, I didn't want his emergency to lead to me being in an emergency, so I accepted the previous mentioned offer.  With the other private company, I was to interview with them immediately after the interview with the position I accepted.  However some issues came up as I was scheduled to interview at the same time I interview with the other company, and the recruiter knew I was unavailable at that time, but "conviently forgot."  In other words, I think the hiring manager was pissed off, and said to hell with me since it was known I was interviewing for other opportunities.  With the last position, I have yet to hear anything back.  Similar to the position with the city.  Who knows what happened, but everyone knows you have to look out for self and move one with gaining a new job.  I know I don't have time to deal with the issues of a company trying to hire people.

Keep a lookout as I will go over my blunders I did while looking for another job for the past 4 weeks.  There were several, which I could have avoided earlier and would have been had another job sooner.  In a nutshell, I learned from the mistakes thus the reason for the success in obtaining my new job, never give up hope in an interview.