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Delta Community Credit Union January 5, 2009

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We all are, well most of us with personal credit, are familiar with the current trend in banks and credit.  Either you have experience a credit line decrease or a massive interest rate hike.  Or even worse both, which is what happened with me.

In my response to the BS the banks are playing, I am diversing my credit holdings with credit unions.  Late last year I joined Delta Community Credit Union, not on the intention of obtaining credit anytime soon, but to obtain a membership and later on figure out how to use them to my advantage.  While I was enrolling, me and the new accounts rep were chit chatting away about banks with no money have how they have plenty of money to lend due to most people preferring the easy route of lax underwriting standards and choose the banks.   Since I’ve never obtained credit from a credit union, and my only experience of complicated lending was my mortgage.  So I pulled the trigger and gave them a shot.

Yes credit unions are complicated.  Rather than a 30 second approval or denial, which is what I am used to, it took nearly a week!  Needed to explain every single negative tradeline left on my report, regardless of age.  Needless to say I was approved for 20K.

Another neat thing about this credit union is they print cards right in the branch!  Another plus is they always seem to have eye candy too.  Used multiple branches with no let downs.

I  recommend this credit union!


FICO Scores for 2007 January 8, 2007

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Man, its been a hot second since I last pulled my FICO scores. So I waited til all my reports updated and fed the monster to get my scores. There they are below:

TU – 719

EQ – 656
EX – 674

Not much better than December 2005 before NCO put their dookie stains on my reports, but its good to be back going up.  Unfortunately I did not meet my FICO goal for 2006 to get two reports in the 700s.  Now to pay down some of my balances!!

Review of 2006 Goals December 31, 2006

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I intended to make a page with my 2006 goals, but that did not even happen.   But I can still reference the orginal post as well as post my results here.

This year has been an interesting year.  Not bad, just interesting.  Just had me sidetracked for a good little while.  Well below is the results of my goals for 2006.  At least I did get most accomplished suprisingly!

  1. Rollover 401(k) to the IRA when I change jobs
  2. Obtain Bank of America Checking Account
  3. Obtain Bank of America Credit Card
  4. Obtain a Citibank Credit Card
  5. Consolidate Amex Credit Cards
  6. Two Credit Reports with 700+ FICO scores
  7. Open a Roth IRA
  8. 20% total utilization and below or credit card debt

I have yet to  even think about my goals for 2007.  I honestly can’t think of any at the moment.  Of course there will be a post when I come up with some.

It never stops with Bank of America December 21, 2006

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In my last post regarding my fiasco at Bank of America I mentiont that I attempted to withdraw money from their ATM to make a credit card payment and the ATM broke. Well it didn’t break good enough. I checked on my accout with USAA and saw a transaction from that ATM to the tune of $102. $100 withdrawal and a $2 “inconvience” fee. I still have to go back to that branch today to make my card payment so I will address my many displeasures of BOA then. However first I will contact USAA to try and get the problem resolved the less dramecidal way.

Bank of America does suck revisited December 20, 2006

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Since the MBNA takeover of BOAs credit card division, things have been looking something similar to HSBC.  The pay with a checking account outside of BOA is no longer there.  As of today my payment to them is 3 days late.

So today I hop on down to a branch to make a payment.  First I stop at their ATM to grab some cash to make the payment.  But with my luck with BOA the ATM broke!  As its just a few minutes  before they close, I walked in just to confirm that payments can be made at the teller, which they said yes you could.  I bet there is a convience fee though.

So what I plan to do is, make this payment, and balance transfer to a card which I can pay online.  I work during the night hours and can’t stop in a branch every month to make a payment, plus they just made money on me thanks to the heafty late fee.

Amex affiliate stunt December 13, 2006

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For the last 3 weeks I have been getting calls daily from the Amex customer service number.  For a second I thought I was getting a Financial Review.  However I did not see the dreaded red outline around my accounts when I checked my accounts online.

At any rate today I answer the call as I am really tired of getting the calls and its a number I really cannot add to my block list as it is the main Amex customer service number.  So I get this kat thats trying to pitch some credit insurance.  The guy didn’t even ask if I wanted the product, just explained it to me, ask me to verify my address, which I was careful not to say “yes” or “correct.”  Instead I replied “that address is the same address as usual.”  He asked again if its the right address.  I said you might want to review the recorded call about a few seconds ago, I will not be repeating myself.  He then said ok, I will be transfering you over to order confirmation to complete your order.

Its the second guy I explained that I didn’t want this shoddy product and I never gave anybody any ok to be transferred to order confirmation.  He got pushy for me to try the product out for 30 days.  I said nope!  I then explained that the credit insurance is really credit card company insurance as this is the avenue which the consumer will put themselves on blast regarding their income situation and the credit card company can freeze/close the account withouth suffering any risk and make minimum payments on the account for 6 month, which is a lesser risk anyway.

Thanks but no thanks Amex, thats why I am balance transfering my remaining balances to another credit card.

USAA Credit Line Increase November 11, 2006

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Something about my head that causes these poor birds to collide with it.  Well today another one crashed on my ear and sang to me that I could get a credit line increase on this card after 3 months of having it.


Hit the luvin button online and got a kool $15K increase.

3 months and 2 weeks and am not at $25K on this bad boy.  This card is now on my A list!!