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Dominican Republic April 19, 2009

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After over 2 years of hiatus from going due to respect of my past relationships during that time, I am finally back.  And I can definitely admit that I’ve missed this country.  This time however I decided to be brave and venture out.  The trip started in Santo Domingo.  I decided to venture over about 20 minutes east to Boca Chica.  I laughed too when I saw the name of this city.  While there I bumped into this gorgeous lady that reminded me of Beyonce.  Body type and all.  After talking with her I got depressed as her recent events in her life weren’t so pleasant which led her to a lifestyle she knows she will never forgive herself for.  Man if I had only met her a couple months ago, she would be a keeper.

The next day I leave Boca Chica and end up in Jarabacoa where we conduct the business we came to the island to do for the better part of the day.  Afterwards we call up these two ladies which we’ve known for close to 5 years to show us around the town.  Now before I proceed with the rest of the days activities, let me add that this town is absolutely STUNNING!  Its a mountainside town with breathe taking views of everything!  Anyway, the ladies took us to this place which I cannot quite describe as it was VERY impressive.  It was karaoke night and we actively participated.  One of the ladies liked me although she had a man, which so happened to own the house which her and her family reside.  A nice house at that.  Well that didn’t sit well with me and a couple hours later we nearly hated to be around each other.  O well!  Later that night we ended up at a club and partied well into the night.  I will definitely be returning to this town!!!

Today we arrive to the final destination of Puerto Plata.  About 4 hours away from the airport which we will be departing tomorrow.  Now this place is interesting as the women here are REALLY aggressive.  I mean they see a man they want, and they stop at nothing to get him.  Particularly if its a foreign man.  We set out on the streets and women are popping out of nowhere.  We are pretty known in these parts so the ladies that know us already try their hardest to send these hungry women off and pretend we are with them but for some reason it wasn’t working.  Hell I had two women arguing over me.  My partner had one that put in 2 hours of work to get him.  She got her prize.  I was a disappointment to the kung fu fighters as I was too tired and went to the house, where I am super drunk (one of the kung fu fighters did this too me) and typing a blog entry.

Well I am off to bed, we have a 4 hour drive to the airport tomorrow and 95% of the journey will require 80 mph plus driving to make the flight back home.

Next trip down here will be pure vacation for about a week, which I hope to make it here by June.

Until next time…


20 lbs lighter January 24, 2009

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Although losing weight was not part of a New Year resolution or anything, I so happen to lose 20 lbs in a month.  Now most people would literally kill to know how I pulled that off.  I’ll fill you in, but its nothing special at all.  All I did was start drinking a gallon of water a day.  That’s it…

Why did I increase my water intake??  Well it was an experiment just to see if I could do it.  You see I wanted to enhance my workouts at the gym by taking creatine.  Since supplemental creatines puts a toll on your liver and kidneys I needed to increase my water intake to a minimum of a gallon a day.  I never started the creatine intake yet, but on Monday I will and will see first hand what the hype is all about.  Hopefully I can be eye candy by Memorial Day weekend for Bike Week!

My speculation on the dramatic weight loss can be pointed to my lack of soda consumation, and feeling less hungry, or in relation to this, getting the munchies and hitting the vending machines at work or fast food during work hours.  Otherwise I normally eat pretty clean as greasy food makes my stomach turn, seriously.

Although this may sound like a good thing, its really not.  The plan is to gain weight, not lose it.  So I might have to increase my food consumtion to over 4000 calories as I am at 3200 now (which is alot).

So now I am chilling at a whopping 239 lbs and not trying to lose anymore.  This weekend is my cheat weekend and I am having a carb fest and down to a liter of water a day.  I feel sick from the bad food now…

Why does having a body made for an art exhibit gotta be so uncomfortable.  I don’t have not one woman to show it off to now as I long dropped the rotation for ChanD.  I MIGHT revive another one after V-day, but who knows, I kinda like my pockets being much fatter now.

Technology, Technology, is there ever enough?? January 12, 2009

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Anyone that knows me personally can attest the fact I have over done myself technology wise.  And I don’t mean with little expensive gadgets (I smoke and thats a bad and expensive enough vise to have);  all my technology is built and configured and/or written by me.  One of my main attractions is my Media Center, which I have mentioned at least one time in this blog.  Actually most of my guests think its the ish!   Well at least until they see the series of machines driving the operation of it.  Then I am instantly a nerd.  O well, at least I am a nerd thats very easy on the eyes.  Nice bonus if I say so.

Anywho, over the past 5 years I started with nothing and built this monster of technology running my home and nothing sofisticated or beneficial is running on it, except the contacts in my cell phone and home phones are in constant sync, thanks to Asterisk and Cisco VoIP phones.

Recently I had a group of 3 ladies stop through after they left the club, which by the way nothing happened as 2 were married and the 3rd was an attempt to hook me up.  The unmarried one asked, “well I see all your music on your TV, what music would you play for me, if you were to set the mood?”   Ummm damn, nothing that wouldn’t require a little manual work playing the songs one by one….

Wow, this girl put me on the spot, and it wasn’t nothing I could do but hold off on getting her number til I figured that one out as playing a song one by one would turn off a potential bounce in the sack as much as playing one song at a time at a club would lead to an empty dancefloor or worst, empty club.

So after 3 days of thought and engineering (hey, the Media Center is on Microsuck and everything else is Linux) I found something, as Google was no help, period!


1.  Can’t play the same playlist everytime, so need a way to build the playlist on the fly with my laptop

2. Unfortunately as I would suspect with Microsoft, creating a playlist on the laptop, saving to the network shares and loading from the network with Media Center does not work.  Doesn’t even list it.

3. Why is Microsoft even in business??

Media Player pulls its playlists from the Playlist folder under My Music.  All I need is a way to sync that folder with the Playlist folder on the Media Network Resource.  Can’t be that hard right??

Microsoft to the rescue!  They pushed a tool for this called Sync Toy.  You can sync all the resources you want.  In my case since I will be making and modifying playlists at random times of the day, I created a scheduled task to sync the folders once an hour everyday.  That way everything is there when I need it.

So the answer to the question, yes and no.  But in my case why add new technology when I can enhance what I already have.  Especially since I upgraded from consumer grade network hardware to 100% Cisco and have more LAN bandwidth than I can possibly figure out how to consume, but I’m sure I will pull it off by year end.

Now I need to get a girl so I can test this out.  LOL!

2009 Goals January 3, 2009

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I am going to try and make this years goals more realistic.  Seems everytime I make a list of goals, it turns out to be the list I never get around to but I accomplish so much elsewhere.

1.  Scuplt my body to the way it was in my early 20s.  This is easy as my metabolism is still doing jumping jacks.  Most love my currently build and tell me not to touch it.  Well since I plan to lay low and stay single, I can pull it off now

2. Continue with my certifications.  If I can pull off getting the CCNP and a CCIE Security written, I will be well on track.

3. Replenish my stash (or rainy day fund for the PF bloggers).  I dented this pretty hard last year.  Building it back will be tough

4. Refi out of my ARM.  This is a BIGGIE.  I currently pay more than double what I was in the first half of last year.

5. Debt paydown.  I’ve accumulated a lot this year, and put a big dent in it as well.

6. Be more outgoing.  For the last 5 years I’ve literally placed myself in a mental prison focusing on me.  Probably why all my relationships are very short lived.

7. Continue 401(k) contributions.  Although the market has tanked, I continue my contributions.  Since I am a recent hire, my employer does not start matching my contributions until June (1 year anniversary).  50% match up to 6%, which I do contribute.  Although it looks as if the markets will not be recovering anytime soon, when it does, I should be sitting pretty.

8. Start a Roth IRA.  I need to do this as with the rate my income keep climbing, in a few years I will no longer be eligible.

That’s all for now.  I will create a page with this list and scratch off all completed goals.

I think E-Rocka is about to crack November 4, 2008

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Per her blog (which I will let be anonymous as she reveals TOO much info to the internet) she says she been playing Tamia’s song “Questions” in her head recently and singing it too myself.  I know E-Rocka quite well.  Normally she NEVER plays a song in her head but rather disturbingly sings it out loud!  Although I am a DJ I’ve never heard this song but being that she is out of character I listened to it.

After listening to it, which its meaning was quite clear, I decided that our talk is LONG overdue.  I’ll see her tomorrow.  (it will be a suprise as well).

Slight site housekeeping October 28, 2008

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WordPress seems to be adding alot of enhancements lately and tonight since I am bored out of my mind, I figured I would sample out a few of the add-ons.  So over the next few days I will be randomly making some mods.  Site design will remain the same as I luv the skyline drop.  Reminds me of what the view from my windows should look like rather than what I currently see.

Back on the Job Hunt September 29, 2008

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Ok my job sucks.  Here is the jist…

1.  They hired me 3 months ago and dropped my pay

2.  My boss is a hater and conciously prevents advancement

3.  I know more than my boss exponentially, my co-workers come to me for decisions and I am the youngest in the group

4.  I am at a point I have reached the ceiling on knowledge and they use dated technology.

So this week I actively go job searching.  I have re-obtained my CCNA which make the job hunt in my field much easier to obtain the salary I deserve.