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Non Rising property values August 17, 2006

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There is this property I had my eye on recently and today I decided to follow-up on it.  And guess what.  The bubble is definately loosing some “hot air”.  Not only that, but only one unit of property was sold since I last went there which was the 4th of July weekend.  This has me scratching my chin people…


I am kinda feelin this new Pension Bill August 17, 2006

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Well most of it anyway.  There are some parts in it though that could have just been deleted.  The parts I like are as follows:

Auto Enrollment to employer retirement plan – OK, employers have done a great job at making sure employees are in the know regarding their employee retirement plans.  Off the top of my head, I recall all of my employers forcing me into a meeting for an hour to pitch me on 401(k) and ESPP (employee stock purchase plan).  Now right now I do not have a 401(k) but that’s because I wouldn’t have been eligible for a match.  So I said screw it and will just put that money into a Roth.  But the main thing I want to say is, if employees are to damn broke or lazy to enroll themselves into an employer retirement plan, then that’s their fault and not the government’s fault.

Easy rollover’s to a Roth account – I like this.  However a return is best to be avoided anyway.  To each is own on that one.  Some years I like a refund, some other years I want my money NOW! LOL!

Permanent IRA contribution levels – Well, no more worrying that the cap for the Roth IRA will go back down in 2010.   This Bill will take care of that problem for good.

There are others but those 3 I felt were worth mentioning tonight.  If ya want to read more on the most important provisions of this 900 page bill, here is a good article here.

This stock market is killing me. August 7, 2006

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All summer I have been waiting on a rebound from my losses since mid May. As of today my portfolio is down -7.99%. Not bad considering it could have been much worse if I kept all those Small Cap Funds I had earlier this as I mentioned here. Since then I have realocated, which for some reason I cannot find the post where I mention it, but it could be buried in my non published posts. However on a brighter note, overall I am still in the black as I had steller performance to the tune of 11.49% up to May 5 this year. In September I will perform my annual performance review and might have to reallocate again, to try and stay in the black for the year.

Home Appreciation July 7, 2006

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Ok, so I get this letter from Countrywide telling me my home has a fairly large amount of equity in it.  For those needing some actual numbers, we are talking close to 30% appreciation in a little over a year.  Well, suprisingly, they are not that far off.  What bothers me about this whole thing is that they could have let me know this back in April when I was getting the place appraised, and saved me about $300.  I wonder if Countrywide is going soley off the comps here???  Overall that letter was quite disturbing.

Q1 2006 401(k) investment performance April 1, 2006

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Hmmm, lets see here.

Man, I didn't do too bad at all.  My gains so for far are what most people desire for the whole year!  Year to date, I made an 8.92% return.  Below is the breakdown:

PGOAX – 12.9%  This was my best performer, and its a Small Cap fund.  Most people would say I was suicidal by keeping this fund, especially since 40% of my money was vested into it!  When I move the money to my IRA, I will lower my holding percentage to normal.

GCMAX – 5.4%  I've watched this fund, do a constant rollercoaster ride.  When it rises, it RISES, but when it loses, is really DROPS.  This is a midcap fund, and I really don't know much about mid caps, but it had a decent Morningstar rating, so I jumped in to it.

RGAEX – 1.7%  Ooh!  The coveted Large Cap Growth Fund.  Where all money should be HEAVILY invested.  At one point I was supposed to allocate more money to it, but glad I didn't.  My gut wouldn't let me, and I see why.  However I see this fund, bringing in the MONEY after the Fed stops raising short term rates.  Hopefully I can buy into a fund really cheap when I transfer this money to my IRA.

TGVAX – 8.7%  This is my international fund.  Decent returns, and a hedge against poor returns on American funds.  I hope to find a similar fund, when I move my money shortly!

ACESX – 1.7%  Its a damn shame, that my Large Cap Growth fund brought in similar returns as my Equity fund.  This fund is actually performing better than I expected.  I usually expect these funds to just strike even, or at least gain 3% for the year.  According to calculations, if it keeps up its track, I should see a 6.3% gain for the year.  O well, too bad I will not have this fund by then.

Overall, not too bad!  I am impressed!  I hope I continue to have the green fund picking fund, when I move this money later this month. 

Thank you Johnathon at MyMoneyblog.com March 28, 2006

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For the assist with helping me narrow down my choices.
Per his post he mentions that, Vanguard does not pull a hard inquiry when opening an IRA account.  To my knowledge he does not use T.Rowe for any of his investment accounts.  So actually I still don't have much to go by anyway.   Now I need to find out if USAA pulls hard inquiries to open an IRA.  From what I remember they didn't pull credit for my checking account, nor my insurance policies, so I doubt it, and if they did, they pulled a soft inquiry.  So my top two choices now are as follows.



T.Rowe could come back soon, if I can confirm they don't pull hard inquiiries either. 

Where should I move my money March 26, 2006

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Since I have ended my last job, I gotta decide where I want to put my money in my 401(k).  I have put a little thought into it, and narrowed my decision to the final 3 as follows:

T.Rowe – Their funds have decent performances over the past few years, and are well known for their well performing funds

USAA – I have most of my money tied up with them and they even have excellent customer service.  Actually they are just there to serve their customers and not trying to make a profit which makes you feel really good about being with them.

Vanguard – Mostly well known for their cheap funds that have decent performance considering their expenses.

Now I must do my homework on which direction to go in as I can Rollover my 401(k) after my last paycheck which is next Friday.  So I have a little until April 6th to decide, which is when my last buy from my last paycheck goes in to my account.  I would leave my 401(k) intact, but this is just not smart, even though I have made 8% returns year to date, which is pretty good.  But the thought of better funds in a Rollover is just tempting as I can more than likely get a better return.  Will post more details later.