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Love and Hate March 15, 2009

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There really isn’t much going with this segment of my life.  Not that I don’t go out much or run into women.  Afterall I do spin records on the side.  Just that I am adjusting to this new view in life they call the 30s.  That along with paying this ARM, which is killing me.

Maybe when these gym results are fully developed I will get back in the game.


Ode to 2008 December 30, 2008

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Since this will be my final post for the 2008 year I figured I would recap the year.  Most of you had no idea that I even continued posting to the blog.  Sorry about that.  99% of my posts were saved as drafts rather than being published.  Tonight I just published all 1 and a half years worth of posts.  I give my word that won’t happen next year.

As for a brief the year started out ok, was in a relationship with this young lady however due to her past actions which I could never get over it ended very bitter.  Not fully my fault but a combination of both of us equally.  I don’t even think I posted much on that.

Fast forward to the middle of the year where it was fairly obvious the job market was going to hell and I proactively decided to get the first of a series of Technology certifications in case I find myself out of work and in need of quickly becoming re-employed.  Well in a nutshell, things didn’t work so well with ChanD and heart was too broken to focus on it.

Then I through myself a party for my big 30, which was crazy and ended up in what I will call a rebound relationship with E-Rocka.

A couple months later after getting my head straight thanks to E-Rocka (seriously she wasn’t that bad a chick) I get my CCNA certification, the first of many to go over the next 2 years.  That test was a bitch by the way!

Then Hurricane Ike batters up Houston which creates a domino affect and messes up the gas supply across the whole Southeastern seaboard.  I normally try and avoid discussing Politics on this blog but I had some minor input to say to address my latent frustration.  But since gas is cheap now days, I’m and very happy!

Roughly around mid June I was converted to an employee at my job and my pay was cut severely, which caused me to unexpectedly tap into my stash.  The stash was created solely for unemployment rather than underemployment.  However around the same time my ARM started adjusting (and it still is) so I was left with little choice.  After it started dwindling rapidly, I decided to place myself in the job market to seek a better paying job as my lowered income prevented me from the ability to refinance out of my ARM.  After a few weeks into it I got a little down about it after a run in with a shoddy staffing instituion.  My skin still crawls thinking about it.  Luckily I so happened to be promoted to Management at my current job in preparation of a pending re-org, which I immediately pulled out of the job hunt.

Following all the good with my career me and E-Rocka start having trouble in Paradise, which nearly ended up being a Rumble in da Bronx.  Since this topic had many posts and will involve a lot of hyperlinking, I will just lead you over to Love and Hate section and you can read all about it.

Since then Obama has been elected the first black President of the United States, which I knew would happen all along.  Seriously 🙂  I am currently taking my very first vacation since October 2003 after my return home from Iraq, and trying my hardest to lay low from the women, but they just keep popping up at me…  Sometimes I wish I was a porch monkey.  And I was able to go home and spend Christmas with my family for the first time in 4 years.’

So on this last week of 2008 I will sit at home, relax a little, unwind and plan for all the great things to come in 2009.  One great thing I know will happen in 2009 is all my negative stuff remaining on my credit reports will fall off!  But most of all, if I can finally refinance out of my ARM it will be a lot accomplished for the year.

To all my readers, thank you for reading along and posting your comments and giving your support.  Happy New Year and I hope 2009 brings great things to us all!!

Back to the PS3!!


E-Rocka and Q fall out November 12, 2008

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Well as most of you know it was long coming.  Although for a second after the talk everything seemed like it would be alright.   However after finding a recent pic of your girl sitting on another katz lap in a bar drinking to “insiders” filling me in on details I didn’t care to know, to getting an odd text message from her appologizing for something that I have no clue what she did, and still don’t care to know, I guess I had to part ways.  Besides most of my friends seemed to not like her as they got a bad vibe from her.  I can see how that was the case.

I’m slightly torn she gone as initially we had fun!  However I am not too affected.  At least nowhere NEAR as bad as the break off with ChanD.

The next serious relationship I think I will take things a bit slower and this one started like the Iraq Shock and Awe.

Am I about to make a mistake?? November 2, 2008

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Last night I called E-Rocka to tell her I would be running gigs for the Morehouse Homecoming tailgating party and after parties today.  Never got to mentioning that part as I woke her up as she had to work in the morning.  Ended the call telling her I was headed to drop some network equipment to a business partner and we hung up.   She called today while I was in between gigs and quickly scarfing my food down so I could head to the club to setup, but pissed me off, that I called a fill in to run the gig since her day gig was finished as she always wanted a break into the club scene.

Find out on the call today that she was up late last night, going to a movie tonight on top of having to work in the morning.

Am I thinking too hard about this???  I guess I need to put a hiatus on my personal advancement and holla at my girl before I make a mistake.

Relationship trouble October 22, 2008

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Didn’t think I would be writing about this for at least a couple more months.  But the relationship with E-Rocka is about as good as the stock market, in a rapid decline.  Actually its been declining for a few weeks beginning when I took her out on a date and while in the mall she seemed uncertain where she was going and I took over the lead by heading to get something to eat, and she translated that into me avoiding an old fling…

ChanD is in Alabama, so highly doubtful.  But she doesn’t know that or anything about her.  However I took that as the beginning of severe insecurity issues.

Fast forward to now, nearly every conversation she mentions I could be cheating.

Lets get one thing out in the open.  Q doesn’t cheat on girlfriends.  Never have.  If I wanted multiple women I would simply not allow an exclusive relationship.

Now, lets look into why she may think I may either be cheating, or thinking about it.  For starters, she MUST have a conversation DAILY.  Could be because of her insecurities or because she really likes talking to me.  Lets rule out her really enjoying talking to me.  When she calls, she rambles on about nothing.  If I watched more TV then I might enjoy 20% of what she is talking about.  Other things she speaks of (she rambles alot, but I actually listen to her) ex boyfriends which is  a NO-NO.  I know nearly all of them from the father of her 5 y/o daughter up til the last guy before me.    There are other things, but going to limit the longevity of this post.  Insecurity, well I could be a cause of this.  I’ve been known to not be too easy on women, meaning not much really moves me physically.  What softens me up is mental connection, which she knows if she paid attention to me while I was talking.  Also we only see each other once a week now and I barely answer the phone when she calls.

Until recently, we saw each other on average of twice a week.  She has since had a car accident and her vehicle totaled leaving her immobile.  This requires me to see her.  Now this chick lives over 40 miles from me and lives with her rather strange mother.  So I have to drive there, pick her up and bring her to my place.  2 round trips or a half tank of gas.  My pay has been cut and my mortgage is adjusting like hell so I really can’t afford to go over my fuel budget.  As for her phone calls, well hell, never really got a kick out of talking on the phone everyday.  Hell, I talk to my parents twice a month.  Plus I am AGGRESSIVELY seeking a better paying job, as well as increase my marketability by obtaining my certifications.  Plus when I did talk to her as often as she wanted, it led to a $245 cellphone bill.  I’ve never had a cellphone bill that high!  Now I rarely take a phone call during daytime minutes, actually I never do thanks to my phone firewall because the phone never rings or leaves a missed call notice.  However I always return the calls from voicemails, which she has only left 2 over the last 2.5 months of daily calling minus 2 weeks.

Well, I see where this relationship is headed, and wanted to address it this week.  Sunday attempt was unsuccessful as she wanted to go home rather quickly whereas the plan was to go see that Tyler Perry movie she wanted to see so badly and discuss things afterwards over a meal.  Planned to see her during the week, but have the head cold from HELL and didn’t want to pass it to her or her kids.  If nothing is done, it will end on a disasterous note, whereas discussing things will either salvage it or gracefully end it.

I’m getting worn out October 5, 2008

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Lately for the past few weeks I’ve been running more gigs than I can keep up with to make up for my pathetic pay at work so I can pay my ever increasing mortgage (2K this month).  This week is horrible.  Luckily tonight and tomorrow night I can rest and work on finishing my Ikea hack project.

Lastnight was fun.  My neighbor slid through the spot celebrating something and he quickly usher some ladies and brought them into the booth.  Normally I don’t allow anyone in the booth with me period!  Even my security stands outside of it.  But since he was a benefactor at one point in time I let him and the 3 chicks in.  One of them, I looked at her and my chin hit the floor.  She saw that as an opportunity whereas I thought she was Rain.  Anyway after she made too many advances at me I told them they had to leave and I would meet up with them later.

When my run was over and the last spot DJ came online I met up with them and we all stepped out.  Since the club is in the building I live in, we just jumped on the elevator and went to my neighbors place since I had Ikea hack project all over my place and the smell of fresh stain was in the air.  At least that was my excuse.

This look alike by this time had too much to drink and damn near fell doing something and I caught her.  At this point she was like the room is spinning, take me to your place so I can lay down and yadda yadda yadda.  Everybody lookin at me like, Q, what ya gonna do with that?

So I picked her up and carried her off to bed like a good little boy.  She fell asleep as I carried her so she probably didn’t realize we never left my neighbors place and she was in his bed til she woke up.  Then I left, came home and went to my bed and passed out.  I had too much to drink too and had to be at work 3 hours later.

Sigh…  Coulda cheated but as anyone that know me knows, not my thing while involved.

Ikea Hack October 5, 2008

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You can google that term to find out what that means, but in simple terms, its when you get cheap Ikea stuff and convert it into something it was never intended to be.

For my project, which I am doing to keep myself off my computers for a while and keep my mind from idling too much over E-Rocka I am hacking a base Ikea kitchen cabinet into a technology rack.  All my development equipment is becoming an eye sore in my closet and this should make it appear more, well not obviously there.  I will post pics of the progress as its comes along and the before and after of my closet.

Normally do these projects with my girl when I have one, but I can’t seem to get E-Rocka to much of anything.  No cooking, cleaning (I wouldn’t let her clean my place anyway, just don’t feel right), or removing food I bought for us out of the sack.  So I will be doing this one solo, which may take nearly the entire month especially the staining part which takes days to dry and requires a couple coats.