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Am I about to make a mistake?? November 2, 2008

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Last night I called E-Rocka to tell her I would be running gigs for the Morehouse Homecoming tailgating party and after parties today.  Never got to mentioning that part as I woke her up as she had to work in the morning.  Ended the call telling her I was headed to drop some network equipment to a business partner and we hung up.   She called today while I was in between gigs and quickly scarfing my food down so I could head to the club to setup, but pissed me off, that I called a fill in to run the gig since her day gig was finished as she always wanted a break into the club scene.

Find out on the call today that she was up late last night, going to a movie tonight on top of having to work in the morning.

Am I thinking too hard about this???  I guess I need to put a hiatus on my personal advancement and holla at my girl before I make a mistake.


Atlanta Gas Shortage (My point of view) September 29, 2008

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The gas shortage in this area is really bugging me.  Not because I often find myself stuck in the idle lines in the street, but because of the idle lines in the street which I have to navigate around.  For instance me and E-Rocka had the late night munchies.  She needed candy (what is wrong with this girl) and I needed real food and decided on some pizza.

E-Rocka easily got her stuff from a gas station without gas.  I had to go to QT which had gas, a line as far as you can see.   I had to tell a guy that I was good on gas but needed to go inside, which he held back the line and allowed me through.

What da hell?

Rant at my school of higher education January 8, 2007

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During my session of precious sleep last night, I decided at the very last second not to drop out of school.  Today was late registration and of course the last day to register.  I am not even sure I registered in time.  We’ll see about that on Wednesday.

Anyway, since I am almost finished and taking my last few classes, I noticed for the second Semester in a row, that my upper level Political Science classes are not being offered.   This has a couple inconviences.  One, as I register at home, I now have to get up to go to the school which leads to number two where I find out that the budget for the Politcal Science department is nearly nothing.

No biggie on number one as it happens from time to time and is expected.  As for number two however, this turned into a hour and a half long problem that shouldn’t have happened.  So I know I need to speak with an advisor on what the problem is since its just not something I can read in the handbook to find out why POLS classes are not being offered.  Problem was I had to wait on an advisor which was helping a student who could have just read their student handbook and not need for an advisor to tell her what classes they need to take, or how to add classes to register in.  Thats what I waited an hour and a half for until I was able to ask the advisor my question; “Has the department for Political Science been shutdown as my last two classes are not being offered?”  Unfortunately he said yes and won’t be re-0rganized until Fall Semester.  OK, I need to put in paperwork to transient to another school then.  He starts to tell me how to do that but I told him the instructions to do that are in the student handbook and to help the next person waiting for over an hour as unfortunately they do not have a pocket pc to surf the internet like I do to pass the time waiting.

My rant is, why is it that minority students just won’t read and always need their hand held?  I guess being in the second lowest state regarding high school education my be a cause.  I really hate it for these youngins in GA as the education system has failed them severly.  I don’t know if this is done on purpose to further the black youth further behind or what.  I am glad I went to a northern school man and cannot wait to finish up at the school.

Update on Bank of America recent trouble December 21, 2006

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I almost can’t believe my ears recieved the sounds wave of what the BOA customer service told me at the branch where yesterdays incident occured.  Basically my credit card has been paid in full.  Then I spoke with a customer service rep in the branch where she handed me a number to call.  I made an emphasis that since they were unable to correct the glitch on the spot since it was a transaction against a non BOA account that I should contact my bank under Regulation E.  She said I could contact their claims department and have them refer me to a claims department for non account holders.

Called the number she gave me like an idiot, and was on hold for 8 minutes.  Basically was told what I thought I already knew.  Hmmp!!

Regarding yesterdays incident, which I can’t believe they even told me, they have been having trouble with the ATM malfunctions VERY OFTEN, to include account holders as they just got the new ATMs.

I recorded the conversation on my PocketPC which it relayed the message to my storage server for safe keeping.

Well off to call USAA to see what they do.  Evidently it should be a quick fix.

Word to the wise:  Don’t use BOA ATMs unless you are an account holder.  Account holders get it fixed on the spot.

It never stops with Bank of America December 21, 2006

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In my last post regarding my fiasco at Bank of America I mentiont that I attempted to withdraw money from their ATM to make a credit card payment and the ATM broke. Well it didn’t break good enough. I checked on my accout with USAA and saw a transaction from that ATM to the tune of $102. $100 withdrawal and a $2 “inconvience” fee. I still have to go back to that branch today to make my card payment so I will address my many displeasures of BOA then. However first I will contact USAA to try and get the problem resolved the less dramecidal way.

Cancelling offers over the phone August 28, 2006

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Man, these are some persistant bastards.  I had to stoop to my lowest mode and lie and say I was unemployed just to get them off me.  And then they transfer you somewhere else for another offer for “discounts”.  So I have to lie again.  The second person I had to tell them no 4 times.  I can’t wait until I migrate my trunks so I can start recording this stuff, LOL.

They lost my MONITOR!!! August 28, 2006

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I could fill this whole post up with foul language right about now!! ARGH!!!!!

Today I call Proview about my monitor since I have not gotten it back yet and the turn around time is 10 – 15 days. Business days that is. After about 20 minutes waiting they tell me that my monitor has not been picked up. UPS did make 3 attempts. So I storm down to the Concierge and inquire about my monitor. Luckily the UPS guy was just walking up. Concierge doesn’t know a thing although I gave it to her on the 31st of July and inquired about it with her on the 2nd which she said it was gone. UPS guy says that on the 1st he didn’t have the shipping label for the pickup when he first saw it, but when he came back the next day, the monitor was gone. Only thing he remembered was that was about a month ago which is about right. So now we gotta find out who took my damn monitor. Was it FEDEX trying to be all fast, or DHL effing up as usual and took the wrong box and sent it to somebody. I don’t know but somebody will be paying for that monitor if I don’t get it back.

This is the reason I never use pick up services anyway. The satisfaction of dropping my stuff off at UPS to be shipped is just to great to pass up. It could have been better if ProVision just gave me the shipping address and I could have sent it.

O yeah, since it appears I messed that up, I have to pay to ship the monitor anyway. Hmmpf, whoever messed up just messed up with the wrong guy.