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When technology goes wrong February 15, 2009

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As most of you know, I track all of my finances with Quicken right?  Well if you didn’t know, now you know…

Well that went well for over 4 years until recently.  Surprisingly I lost the data under my finances directory, and only my finances directory.  How is a long story, but to be brief, an improperly setup Iscsi service can do it to ya.  This loss includes all historical credit reports (which I recovered those) tax returns, and Quicken data (coulda recovered it, but no recognizable clue what the mish mash of data would look like for Quicken).

Total loss was only the Quicken data.  I have my credit repair software which keeps the credit reports and credit repair letters of the last 6 years, and tax returns were always printed out and archived.  Quicken data is backed up annually (changing that though).

Moral of the story…



I’m getting worn out October 5, 2008

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Lately for the past few weeks I’ve been running more gigs than I can keep up with to make up for my pathetic pay at work so I can pay my ever increasing mortgage (2K this month).  This week is horrible.  Luckily tonight and tomorrow night I can rest and work on finishing my Ikea hack project.

Lastnight was fun.  My neighbor slid through the spot celebrating something and he quickly usher some ladies and brought them into the booth.  Normally I don’t allow anyone in the booth with me period!  Even my security stands outside of it.  But since he was a benefactor at one point in time I let him and the 3 chicks in.  One of them, I looked at her and my chin hit the floor.  She saw that as an opportunity whereas I thought she was Rain.  Anyway after she made too many advances at me I told them they had to leave and I would meet up with them later.

When my run was over and the last spot DJ came online I met up with them and we all stepped out.  Since the club is in the building I live in, we just jumped on the elevator and went to my neighbors place since I had Ikea hack project all over my place and the smell of fresh stain was in the air.  At least that was my excuse.

This look alike by this time had too much to drink and damn near fell doing something and I caught her.  At this point she was like the room is spinning, take me to your place so I can lay down and yadda yadda yadda.  Everybody lookin at me like, Q, what ya gonna do with that?

So I picked her up and carried her off to bed like a good little boy.  She fell asleep as I carried her so she probably didn’t realize we never left my neighbors place and she was in his bed til she woke up.  Then I left, came home and went to my bed and passed out.  I had too much to drink too and had to be at work 3 hours later.

Sigh…  Coulda cheated but as anyone that know me knows, not my thing while involved.

Ikea Hack October 5, 2008

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You can google that term to find out what that means, but in simple terms, its when you get cheap Ikea stuff and convert it into something it was never intended to be.

For my project, which I am doing to keep myself off my computers for a while and keep my mind from idling too much over E-Rocka I am hacking a base Ikea kitchen cabinet into a technology rack.  All my development equipment is becoming an eye sore in my closet and this should make it appear more, well not obviously there.  I will post pics of the progress as its comes along and the before and after of my closet.

Normally do these projects with my girl when I have one, but I can’t seem to get E-Rocka to much of anything.  No cooking, cleaning (I wouldn’t let her clean my place anyway, just don’t feel right), or removing food I bought for us out of the sack.  So I will be doing this one solo, which may take nearly the entire month especially the staining part which takes days to dry and requires a couple coats.

Job market is going down, time to get certified. June 3, 2008

Posted by Q in Career development, Goals, Love and Hate, Technology.

Since I will be taking time from school for a minute to try and get another job and enjoy quality time with ChanD, I might as well get certified.  Last time I was certified I waited after I lost my job due to turbulent economic conditions.  Since I’m involved I had to run it by ChanD.  She was ok with it as expected since she hasn’t a clue about my field of work although highly interested.

So off I go to study for this thing and hopefully be done well before Birthday Bash.

Trixbox Project completed! May 1, 2007

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I just wrapped up the trixbox project. I plan to deploy this bad boy in a week or so and use the crap out of it as its my test subject for more projects to come. Right now its just a VoIP to VoIP gateway, with alot of cool features. I can even control my CallerID. But I don’t plan to do anything stupid with that. Just have it for DISA access from overseas so I can call out using my cellphone number, without using my cellphone.

If you are interested in getting your own, check out Trixbox and get your bragging rights. I know I got mine!

I have a Jawbone!!! April 10, 2007

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Hell yeah!!!

This thing was delivered to me  by noon today.  Of course this thing has been used.

First off, yes I can really do 80 mph with my windows down while using this thing!  103 mph with front 2 windows down too!!

Somewhat works in Wal-mart, but I can at least hear the other party while in there.  My old headset was no good in Wal-mart.

So far $120 well spent!  Its even a chick magnet as most have never seen a headset like this before.  A couple asked me at Wal-mart today.  I should have gotten their numbers to give them a demo how good it is.  At least that would have been the line I used.

It even flashes white and red instead of the usual “blue.”

Update on getting a Jawbone headset April 8, 2007

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Just got the email that Jawbone’s are back in stock.  Over a freakin month later!!  I tried to find Cingular stores while in the backwoods to try and scoop one right away, but after either stopping by or calling well over 20 Cingular stores, all were out of stock.  O well, they only had the grey ones anyway.

So I make my order for a black one (nobody has those) and since I’ve waited so long, I got next day shipping!

$120 bucks later I should have this thing in a couple days.  I cannot wait!!!