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My first post over here! January 21, 2006

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For the record, this is my very first post over here at WordPress!  So far I am liking the feel of it here.  At first I only wanted it for the catagories feature as I post about alot of things unlike some blogs.  As of now I will begin my import of posts from Blogger to WordPress.  Unfortunately the import script does not allow me to swing over my comments, but it isn’t like I have that many anyway.  I think there are a total of 12 if that many.


To hell with Chyslers!! November 30, -0001

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Damn, on Sunday at work, I finally fixed that problem where my car was overheating when I am in bad traffic (or parked). Now I have another problem. My AC fan quit working. Make it so bad, I fixed that problem back in October last year. A $138 part (an expensive sensor). Damn Chrysler and their sensors!!! So now when I run the A/C I feel a little bit of air until I completely stop (ram air). This is a sign that its time to get another car. I will try and get one next month so I don’t pay ad valereom tax for this year.

I had out of town guest yesterday!!! I always get excited over out of town guests. I RARELY get them, and to this date after being here for 5 years, I have not gotten a single visit from any relatives. Now thats a shame!! My nephew is always screaming to see his uncle though. One day I hope to get him for a couple weeks, probably will be next year though as I am still trying to stabalize my finances.

These guest were my friend’s little sister and her high school friend. Their youngins and boy I never realized how much 19 year old women LOVE to talk on the phone. I mean literally, after getting off of one call, they jump on another one. Until the middle of the night too. But I enjoyed their company though.

This will be another one of my short blog entries. I have to read this Money Magazine and stay focused on the main mission